As you probably already know, Natalie is a very experienced counselor and has been helping countless people to find what they are looking for regarding their goals, dreams and personal happiness. But Natalie is also offering her help to professionals and even counseled groups at various companies. One of those has been the online casino provider, Mr. Green. She has been very successful in helping the company to understand their clients better. During one of those sessions, Natalie used a game from Mr. Green as an example. The name of the game was the Wild Swarm slot and there has been of course a very specific reason why she choose this Wild Swarm slot during her counseling session.

It is about the subject of the game that made it a perfect example to support one of her ideas. The Wild Swarm slot is about a bee swarm that lives in the forest. There is, of course, a queen of the bee swarm as well as the worker bees and then there is the honey. You might think what all that has to do with a counseling session at a huge company like Mr. Green. Well, it was exactly the same question that was asked by the participant audience that day. Natalie made a straight symbolic reference from the Wild Swarm slot to the company. The queen stands for the head of the company while the working bees are the employees. The honey was the profit the company makes and the flowers represented the customers.

At that moment it made perfect sense for everybody as they saw the clear connection. Just as for the bee swarm in the Wild Swarm slot, there is a connection between the customers and everybody involved within Mr. Green. That is a typical description of an audience with Natalie. She helps people who are asking for her help in understanding the connections in their lives. Using a symbolic picture or a metaphor to make people aware and see the big picture in their lives. By doing it like this instead of just telling you where the obstacles in your life are and how the relationships of the people in your life are connected, Natalie activates your motivation to start your life over. Even if you are currently in a situation where you are stuck and even frustrated, as soon as you understand how everything is connected and therefore has an influence of your current position, you can free your mind entirely by yourself.

By now Natalie has a reputation as an expert in this online gambling industry but she never forgets about her individual clients. There are all kinds of people and all of them have their individual problems. Those problems are the reasons why people decide to turn to Natalie and ask for her help. Metaphors like the one with the Wild Swarm slot also work for people who can not bear the negativity in their life anymore or who feel that however hard they are trying; they are not making any progress towards their personal goals. Natalie is an expert and a professional and she has the right tool in her toolbox to help everyone developing the necessary skills to overcome their problems.