Natalie understands the problems and complications that many professionals face in their work environment. Her goal is to improve the atmosphere of the team by giving tools that they need to change their behavior on the work-floor. Besides the improvement of a professional life, the personal life of an individual will eventually change as well. The mission of Natalie is to teach groups and teams how to react on one another in stressful situations and deadlines. It’s all about finding the balance between taking the lead and to follow at the same time. Recently Natalia was contacted by the company Ninjatrader who showed their interest in a team building inspiration session. This session is focusing on resisting changes in both personal and professional lives and highlight factors such as finances, confidence, health and stress. The goal of the inspiration session is to inspire the employers to work with each other in order to achieve a common goal.

In some cases, a specific deadline can really affect the work environment with bad energy. This bad energy has to leave the building and has to make room for positivity and strength. Life is about accepting in order to grow, this is also very important in professions. Natalie accepted the request of Ninjatrader and scheduled an inspiration session at the office of this company. As soon as she entered the building, she immediately felt the negative vibe and energy on the work-floor. She noticed dissatisfaction with the staff and immediately understood the reason behind this request. During the inspiration session a team of thirty people of Ninjatrader were participating. A lot of people within this particular group prevented themselves from believing they can be assertive enough to go for the thing that they want in their career. This had to do with their own insecurities and the lack of recognition, which they desired from the management team.
Natalie helped this team clearing the negativity out of the work environment and letting go the past problems to embrace a better team building.

Making the choice to develop your own strengths, skills and process is the first step of success. Natalie did some exercise trainings to increase a happy feeling and develop a positive mind-set. This exercise can be very useful to reset your mind in a very easy and fast way. With the help of this training, Natalie was able to facilitate real and relevant growth of all the individuals of Ninjatrader. The company also changed their management and started to focus more on the personal developments, happiness, satisfactions and needs of their own staff. Causing crippling self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness in your professional life is the worst feeling an individual can ever experience. A lot of professionals spend more time at work than they actually do at home. This means that an investment in your own staff is crucial to keep the energy positive at all times. Positive energy is good for your staff, but eventually also good for the success of your company.