If you are like most people, you keep your New Year’s resolutions every year … right up until March at the latest. Resolutions at any time of year take effort to see through to fruition and Natalie has some suggestions to help with that as well.

Forget about willpower and discipline. This may seem a little off to you. Chances are you have always heard that discipline and willpower are the hallmarks of determination and thus the keys to any success.

However, internal motivators such as gratitude, compassion, curiosity, hope and passion are more likely than determination to result in positive change. These are all positive motivators and THAT is where your energy should be focused.

This is how one should approach their New Year’s resolutions as well. Stop thinking in terms of disciplining yourself to give something up and instead focus on what your benefit will be for keeping the resolution.

For example: If your resolution is to lose weight, don’t think about the sweets and treats you will need to give up but rather how good you will feel and how much better your clothes will fit.

Make Sure the Benefits are Truly Something You Want. The things we end up doing are those things that we really want to do. Not just those things that we say we want to do, but those things that we want to do more than what we are doing now.

Often when we repeatedly say we want to do something we are trying to convince ourselves. It is what we think we want, or what we think we should want.

Making sure that what you have resolved to do is something that you want will make it easier to achieve.

Focus on Small Efforts Daily. Vague goals such as “I am going to lose weight” or “I am going to learn to speak German” leave little room for feelings of success. The end goal is far too distant and ambiguous.

By setting smaller milestones for your New Year’s resolutions you will find more enjoyable and be far more likely to keep them. Specific, doable goals such as “I am going to lose at least one pound per week by eating more protein and less sugar” provide weekly successes and continued commitment.

Work with Others. Humans are tribal creatures why not take advantage of it. There are a wide variety of avenues one can take to collaborate with others on keeping their New Year’s resolutions.

Often working with friends, colleagues, or even strangers towards a common goal makes you more likely to succeed by making the endeavour more interesting and fun. For some, the added element of friendly competition can motivate them to stay the course.

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