Developing a pattern of positive thinking can improve every aspect of your life. The following is a sampling of the tips Natalie gives her clients to help them develop a positive outlook and thus a positive change in their lives.

Challenge Negative Thinking
Pinpoint your negative thoughts
The first step to getting control of your thoughts is awareness. With thoughts being the catalyst leading to behaviour, knowing where you are inviting negativity into your life can help you change it.

Quiet your inner critic
Anytime you hear that nagging voice in your head saying something negative, stop and exchange that negative for a positive.

Accept Your Feelings
Keep a thought journal
A thought journal can help you identify the negative thought processes that are affecting your life. By writing down the way that you perceive yourself, your family, work, school, politics, and so on.

Keep a journal of gratitude
Jot down what you are grateful for and keep track of other moments of grace in your life. Spend a few minutes reliving those experiences and write about them in-depth. Writing in this journal weekly can keep those positive moments at the front of your mind.

Improve Your Outlook
Find the positive aspect in all of life’s trials
Thinking about how you can turn the challenges life throws at you into positives will take the sting out of adversity. Keep pushing on with a focus on the adventurous, lessons learned from these events and situations rather than getting mired down in self-pity and doubt.

Stick to what you are good at
When we feel a lack of ability or success in our efforts, frustration and negativity are likely to set in. Balancing this with doing things that you are confident in your ability to do will help fight off that negative frustration.

Relax and Stop Trying to Control the World
Try finding something to laugh about
You can improve your mood and positive reactions to people and things by having fun and laughing. Find something – a comedy show, a book of jokes, a funny friend – that can get you laughing and visit those things often.

Make time for relaxation
You may feel that you don’t have the time to simply relax, but the fact is you don’t have the time not to. Stress ages your body and invites negativity into your life. Only by giving your mind the time to relax can you find the room to work out problems in a positive way.

Change how you react to the frustrations of life
When you allow events and situations to create frustration it has a snowball effect. Large frustrations trigger frustration in minor areas which triggers frustration in everything. Break the hold frustrating events, people, and situations have over you.